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Candle-Making Kit


This kit contains everything you will need to make one beautifully fragranced scented candle. These are the same size as the white candles on this website, holding 220g of fragranced wax once made. Keep for yourself (and enjoy the fruits of your endeavours) or give the perfect handmade (hand-poured) gift to a friend or loved one.

Candle-making is not easy to perfect as there are so many variables from wax used, wick selected, percentage of fragrance added… With these kits the hard work (not to mention the hours of testing and burn trials) has been done for you. All you need to do is follow the simple step-by-step instructions and you’re good to go!

Instructions are fully bilingual (English and Welsh)

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This kit contains

This kit contains:

The correct amount of natural rapeseed and coconut wax

The correct amount of your chosen fragrance oil

1 x 30cl candle glass

1 x candle label

1 x lead-free wick

1 x gift box (should you wish to gift the finished candle)

1 x sticky pad (for securing the wick to bottom of glass)

1 x CLP/safety label (legal requirement)

1 x wooden stirrer

1 x clothes peg

You will also need the following

You will also need the following:

A saucepan

A glass/Pyrex® or metal jug

Food thermometer (desirable)

Nail scissors / clippers

Apron (to protect clothing from wax or fragrance splashes)

Gloves (to protect hands from neat fragrance oil)

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