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Long Lasting Wax Melts

Our long lasting wax melts are carefully hand-poured in small batches using natural wax and exquisite fragrances in a wide range of scents.

The heart-shaped mini wax melts each offer 12-15 hours of fragrance – choose your favourite from our signature collection of luxury wax melts. We also offer wax melt gifts and wax melt subscriptions, should you want to try a number of different scents or set up a monthly delivery.

The blend of vegan and cruelty-free waxes that we use are specially made for wax melts, ensuring a safe, long throw fragrance that fills any space. Of course, the eco-friendly aspects of our business don’t stop at the natural ingredients in our mini wax melts – we are committed to running a sustainable business from design through to distribution. This means that we only use biodegradable, recyclable or reusable materials, such as the glassine bags that house the mini wax melts.

We do not use any unsafe chemicals or additives in the production or distribution of our mini wax melts. This means NO parabens, NO petrochemicals, NO paraffin (mineral) wax, NO palm oil, NO beeswax, NO colours or dyes and NO harsh preservatives. VEGAN friendly. We DO NOT test on animals.

The long lasting wax melts are easy to use – simply pop one or two into a ceramic tea light burner or electric melt warmer. For safety, note that the warmers will get hot when lit, and that we recommend only using 4-hour tea lights with the mini wax melts. Once the fragrance is spent, allow the wax to cool, then discard and wipe down your melt warmer with a piece of kitchen roll. Do NOT wash melted wax down the drain and NEVER leave a burning candle or electric wax melt burner unattended.