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Finding the ideal gift for a partner, friend or loved one can be a daunting task. If you’re looking for a birthday present, wedding gift, or just something to say thank you, why not consider a scented candle? Whatever occasion you need it for, there is, in our opinion, no gift that hits the spot quite like a scented candle.

  1. Value for Money

Candles are actually great value for money and can be really budget friendly. You can pick up a range of handmade luxury candles to suit just about any price point, with classic luxury candles such as our lime, basil, & mandarin scented candles, and roses scented candles sitting at £22 each.

Welsh language mini tin candles


If you are looking for a gift within a tight budget, the Calon Candles scented mini candle tins are just £8.50 each. These mini tins pack the same fragrance punch as the classic candles, and are available for birthdays, just to say thank you, for special mums and much more besides. Despite their small size, these candles still have a burn time of around 15 to 20 hours.

luxury wax melts by Calon Candles



Whilst not being an actual candle, we feel it’s worth naming our our hand-poured luxury melts. These are even more affordable and are priced at just £6.95 and offer long-lasting fragrance and work out at around 47p per wax melt. Sold in eco-friendly packaging and housed in biodegradable and compostable glassine bags you can rest assured that your gift has eco-credentials too!

  1. Long Lasting and Memorable Gifts

Good quality candles, like those we sell at Calon Candles, will emit fragrance for many hours, and your loved ones will be reminded of you with every whiff. They will even look great in your recipient’s home when they aren’t lit. All our handmade luxury classic candles come in classy candle jars with the option to add a tactile bamboo lids which you can personalise too, and look just as good as they smell. If you’re buying for a particular occasion and wish to buy a birthday candle gift or a housewarming gift, then we have specific options for those too.

Personalised happy birthday scented candle from Calon Candles


Clothing goes out of fashion, and wine doesn’t last long, but scented candles are here to stay. And who says you just need to buy them for someone else? Scented candles make a great, long-lasting self-care gift too.

  1. Unique and Meaningful

By opting for a personalised scented candle, you can create a gift that is both unique and meaningful. The bespoke bamboo lids for our classic candles, Christmas candles and some of our gift sets can all be personalised with your message. Whether you opt to engrave a private, in-joke, a birthday wish, or anything else is up to you!

  1. Aromatherapy

If you are shopping around for scented candles and you want something that offers benefits on top of smell and looks, why not consider aromatherapy candles?

rest lavender essential oil candle from Calon Candles


Aromatherapy candles smell just as good as classic candles, but the essential oils they are made with bring added benefits, such as encouraging relaxation, helping you sleep, and easing stress to name but a few.

  1. Atmosphere
Fireside classic candle from Calon Candles


One of the reasons people love  scented candles is the atmosphere they create. This is also one of the reasons scented candles make a great gift for couples on their wedding day or anniversary. Candles create a romantic atmosphere, making for an intimate date night.

Candles also create a relaxing, soothing atmosphere that is the perfect accompaniment to a long bath or for curling up with a good book.

  1. Connect with Nature

Scented candles can help encourage your loved ones reconnect with nature. Gadgets and artificial lighting can make us all feel boxed in, and sometimes we all just need a break. Lighting scented candles can encourage your loved ones to turn off their lights, relax, and reconnect with nature and transport them to a whole new world.

  1. Gifts for Him, Gifts for Her & Gifts for Couples

Another huge benefit of our scented candles is that they are truly unisex. A personalised scented candle can be a great gift for mothers, best friends, grandads, couples, and just about anyone you can imagine. Our luxury scented candles are available in such an enormous range of scents so whether you prefer oriental and woody, fruity, floral or citrus and fresh, you’re sure to find something for everyone in your life.

  1. DIY
candle making experience kit from Calon candles


When it comes to shopping for creative types, candle making kits can prove to be a great experience or bonding gift. With our candle making kits, your recipient can make their own candle the same size as our classic candles. All the hard work and experimentation has been done, your recipient can just make the candle and enjoy their creation!

Why shop with Calon Candles?

If you have decided a handmade scented luxury candle is the gift idea you’ve been looking for, Calon Candles would love to help. Our candles are made using natural waxes, are vegan-friendly, are not tested on animals, and each candle is lovingly hand-poured in Wales. Our candles are full of gorgeous fragrances that will fill the home with stunning scents for hours. We use only the finest fragrances or pure essential oils and each one has been rigorously tested to burn well and safely, as well as to offer the best scents and greatest throw.

Throw in personalisation on our larger candles for just £3 and free UK delivery as standard on orders over £40, we think we offer exceptional value for money.