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Scented candles have long been recognised as a welcome addition to any home. People love to enjoy the strong, pleasant aroma that wafts from a lit candle in the home and appreciate the romantic flickering of candlelight whilst relaxing after a stressful or busy day. Estate agents will often use scented candles during home showings to boost the mood of potential buyers and make house viewings a more pleasurable experience. 

Our sense of smell is one of the strongest senses that can influence mood, motivation, and happiness. For this reason, it comes as no surprise that our hand-poured scented candles from Wales are so popular. Burning candles is proven to be a relaxation-inducing option for the average person.

If you love candles, then you may have wondered if there are specific benefits to handmade candle crafts. Beginner candle makers often find it easier to use a ready-prepared candle-making kit to begin their first handmade candle. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the top 5 reasons why making your own scented candle (using a candle making kit like ours)  is a good idea. The possibilities are endless when you create your own handmade candle. Instead of buying a pre-crafted candle, making your own candles is an excellent way to add a personal touch to an already exceptional product. 

Indulge in Self-Care

One of the most overlooked aspects of daily life is indulging in self-care. Taking care of your emotional and psychological needs is critical for your overall health and happiness. One of the ways that you can indulge in self-care is by taking the time to enjoy something new and different. 

Creating your own candle is a simple investment in your emotional and mental health. explains that different candle scents can affect the mind in different ways. When you purchase a do-it-yourself candle-making kit from Calon Candles, you get a choice between 5 unique scents. Each one has been tried and tested to burn cleanly with no sooting or tunnelling (providing you follow the instructions of course).

Have Fun Being Creative

Creating something from scratch is widely considered a satisfying experience. There are a number of benefits to utilising your creativity, and many experts agree that the biggest benefit is activating your imagination. So many adults fail to use their imagination once they reach adulthood. 

Using your creative senses to craft natural wax candles is a great way to activate your creativity and lose yourself in focussing on something a little bit different. There is also that all-important  sense of accomplishment that accompanies a job well done. Once you sit back to enjoy your completed luxury Welsh candles, your sense of pride and job satisfaction will be the ultimate mood-booster. 

Not only that, the creativity experienced through one of our handmade candle kits could lead to many possibilities. Perhaps you will spark the desire to make your own business either in candle-making or another form of craft; maybe you will indulge in making candle-making a part-time hobby; or perhaps even turn this new knowledge into a platform for creating your family’s Christmas gifts.

Fun Bonding Experience

A do-it-yourself candle kit makes an excellent choice for a collaborative activity with friends or family members. Creating a unique candle is a great way to spend time together while also enjoying creating something special and tangible. Every time you burn a candle that was created with friends and family, the sweet memory (and the fun you had making it) will be brought back to life. 

Current gift trends are seeing more and more “experience” gifts being given for special occasions. Experience gifts are given with the intention of gifting more than just an object. An experience gift is meant to be more personal and create a lifelong memory for the person receiving the gift. 

Imagine taking the time for mother-daughter bonding through a candle-making kit. You can even involve the young boys in this hands-on experience. I know both my son and daughter had a blast doing so, and were pretty excited when it came to making use of it over the Christmas holidays. There is no doubt that learning a new skill is a benefit of development. As an added bonus, this might tear your children away from the screen time they have grown accustomed to, especially over lockdown! 

Give the Gift of a Handmade Candle

For those who are not interested in giving a shop-bought ready-made gift, personalised candles and handmade candles make excellent gifts. Creating your own handmade gifts are a sentimental and sweet way of showing your love and appreciation for your loved ones. 

As children, we often create handmade cards, macaroni jewellery, and other gifts of questionable durability. However, these are the gifts that our loved ones treasure most. With a do-it-yourself gift candle, your sentimental present will be both handmade as well as high-quality, as al the testing and work to get it to that stage has been done for you. 

People enjoy getting gifts that have a story behind them. Imagine telling your loved ones that the gorgeous candle they are receiving was crafted by your own hands. These types of gifts are truly priceless because they come with special and irreplaceable value.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

According to the Counselling Directory, there are significant psychological benefits to burning scented candles. When you make your own candle with a candle-making kit from a reputable luxury candle company like Calon Candles, burning the scent in your home will be even more beneficial. In addition to the benefits of fragrance, the natural lighting given off from candles boosts mood as well. 

The craft of creating your own candle is also an anxiety-reducing activity in itself. By focusing on the steps of creating your own luxury Welsh candle, your mind will have little time to focus on your troubles. Getting your mind off of the source of stress is a fantastic way of reducing daily stress and anxiety. 

Final Thoughts

In terms of giving a gifts from Wales, a scented candle is never a bad idea. Many people enjoy the relaxing mood of scented candles and the scented candles that we know and love today have been around since the 1980s. Giving people the experience of actually creating the candle they are to burn in their own home should be pretty high in the list for fun (and useful) gift ideas. 

… and lastly

Calon Candles also offers ready-made luxury and eco-friendly scented candles with the option of having a bespoke message engraved on the lid for no additional cost. With fast and free UK delivery as standard across all our products why not take a peek and treat yourself, a friend or a family member.